Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Framing Tutorial

There are many ways to frame you photo.  This is how I do it.  I use the canvas resize
 option.  Nancy asked me how I frame my photos, this is one way.
I use Photoshop CS but this was done in Photoshop Elements for Nancy

1. Open an image that you want to frame.

In your tool palette make sure you have the color you want in the Background as
 your border. In this case I will start off with white as the inside border & the outside
 border will be red.

Make sure you start with the size that you want to post.  By going to image/resize
once you have the size, now with the color selected in the background on the tool palette. I am using WHITE. 

2. Go Image/resize/canvas size increase the number by the size of the trim you want.
example width is 5.931 & Height is 3.931  So I just increase this a little for a thin line framing the photo, to width 6.031 & H- 4.031 hit OK

3. Now, I change the background color to red for the larger border.
go to image/resize/canvas size & increase numbers from W-6.028 H- 4.028
to W-6.328 & H- 4.328 HIT OK

email me if you have any questions, my alerts have not been working.


stupidsheetguy said...

Cool! I have Paint Shop Pro, but I think I get it. I'm gonna go play a little. I'll let you know :)


nhd106 said...

You are the best, Marie~

I will practice and let you know if I have questions.   Thanks so much!


radar446 said...

Sometimes its just all about the presentation.  I like the way your digital framing mimicks a matted print.  Very nice and looks real good in the final product.  I'm not quite able to do that with the software I have without going to two different programs and doing bits here and pieces there.


rbrown6172 said...

cool!!  :)  thanks so much!  i have so much to learn...and with you and Greg giving so many wonderful tips, i'll get there!!  :)

elainey2465 said...

Your so clever Marie!!!! Laine xx

sassydee50 said...

Hi Marie~I am glad you started this journal! I can't figure what version of Photoshop I have; it was copied for me and burned on a new disk. Not even sure if it works! Anyhow I would like to be able to frame my photos on-line too so I will do some exploring. Late happy Easter and Spring~Deb aka. Sassy ;-)