Sunday, February 25, 2007

Grunge Effect tutorial

Dubtastic is a great site for grunge effects.  You may find brushes here.  There also
 might be tutorials.  Explore this site.  There is also another site
You will find many vbrushes here & tutorials on how to make a vbrush.  This site is
 down at the moment, but you can try it later or tomorrow.  All the steps below I used
 different blending modes, so you will have the play, until you find the look you want.


cmishvicki said...

Marie, Thanks so much for sharing. Now I have to go check out the sites and play with photoshop. :) You're the best!

jlocorriere05 said...

I'll check the site out later but at the moment my mouse refuses to right click! Thanks for sharing the link! Jeannette xx  

xxroxymamaxx said...

Thanks for the tutorial.  I'll have to give this a try.  Love, Shelly

radar446 said...

Well, this is way over my head.  But I'm not concerned, even if I understood it, I don't have the software to put it to use.  I'll be content with looking at what you create.


gabreaelinfo said...

This was very informative.

I have just started a new blog on top of my regular Gabreael blog you might want to check out. I will post the link below.

Happy Easter!