Saturday, December 23, 2006

Home for the Holidays

We decorated the outside of our home early this year, but always leave the inside for
the last minute, mainly because we have a fresh tree & we try to leave it up till little
 Christmas which is Jan. 6th.  That is our tradition.  I would like to get a artificial tree,
 but that doesn't go well with all members of our family.  
I tried to get the natural lighting for Xmas, so I set up my tripod & tried different shutterspeeds. 
I hope all of you are where you want to be this Christmas....Peace~
Merry Christmas....again~


nightmaremom said...

Beautiful!!!  Absolutely breath taking!!
Merry Christmas to you too!

rbrown6172 said...

absolutely beautiful.  everything you do always looks so professional!  they are all great, but i especially like the ornament.

cmishvicki said...

Marie, Low light photography is always hard to do. You seem to have figured it out! Love all four of these, but I agree with Gina...the ornament is the BEST! Merry Christmas.

jlocorriere05 said...

These are very beautiful photos Marie. I agree with Vicki and Gina, I just love the Christmas bauble best! Have a wonderful Christmas. Jeannette xx

radar446 said...

Wow!!  You've really gone all out this year.  Beautiful pictures of equally beautiful decorations.  I really like the picture of the single ornament.


mtrib2 said...

First, I thind the outdoor lighting with just white lights is wonderful.     I do not like the 'flooded' amount of lights that some home's display.     I think the exposure was well handled.      The indoor snowman and Christmas tree create a warm feeling atmosphere.      The individual Christmas bulb with cast shadows is wonderfully exposed!    mark